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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Thinspiration

I'm super busy today.

My niece is spending the afternoon with me again and that means I have all my chores, exercising, and quota of trashy daytime TV to get in before the child arrives.  I'm posting some thinspiration today.  Not creepy pro-ana type stuff.  Just some pictures that I use at inspiration and a reminder as to why I'm doing this.  It's not just for my body.  It's for my soul. Maybe, just maybe it'll help you understand me more.  It's helping me understand myself.

 I'd like to not only have a smaller waist, but to have a waist that I wouldn't mind taking a picture like this one of.
 I want to feel graceful and light on my feet instead of like a lumbering hulk.
 I'd like to go out in public in a swimsuit and not have an anxiety attack about whether the huge t-shirt I wear over it is covering enough.
 I'd like to look like the kind of girl that has a treadmill and knows how to use it, instead of looking like the girl who can give you reviews of any restaurant in town.  Although, I totally can.
I want to order water because I think it's delicious, refreshing, and the most perfect thing on Earth. Not because i feel I have to.

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