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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day of Rest

So, Sunday is my off day from planned exercise.  Yeah... totally didn't happen.

I was looking in the mirror this morning.  I have a major case of skewed self-image and always hate what I see when looking at myself.  Today was different.  Today I didn't like the fat, blemished, chick I saw but for a split second I saw something new.  The image in the mirror fazed in an out and I saw the image of who I could be if I can banish the other image from my sight.  Not that I have glimpsed  my possible future, I am more resolved than ever.

I need to destroy the fat chick.  I need to kick her ass.

My treadmill helped me burn at least 700 calories today.  I watched two hours of that 16 and Pregnant show and drank a liter of water while walking at a pretty decent clip despite the 10 degree incline.  I don't have as much treadmill finesse as my cat Lucy, but I think I got the job done.

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