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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anna - 1, Scale - 0

My battle with weight and specifically my scale continues but not in the way many would think.

The scale has always been my enemy.  Throwing numbers at me but no solutions. I thought we had reached an understanding and maybe a friendship recently.  I worked hard to lose weight, it showed me what I wanted to see.  Today, it went too far.

Me:  I hope that low calorie taco hasn't made me retain water.  It DID have a lot of sodium.
Scale: *You are 4 pounds fatter (*translated)
Me: Four pounds in 3 days from a little salt?  That's not right.  I'll try again.
Scale:  *Fine, I'll lie to you since you can't handle the truth.  You lost 20 pounds.  Happy?
Me:  Dang it.  I think this thing is broken.  One last try.
Scale: *You're calling me broken?  Fine.  You gained 16 pounds now heifer.  Hope you're happy.
Me:  I hate this scale.  It hurts my feelings.
Husband:  Want me to break it as punishment for hurting your feelings and then get you a new one?
Me:  Yes please.  Maybe one that's not so honest.

Moral of the story:  If you can't beat the scale, break it.

So here's what my shiny new scale looks like:

Disclaimer: That is NOT my weight.

In other, less confrontational news: 

See that?  That's a huge chunk of pineapple being roasted and thus caramelized in a rotisserie.  Just over 200 calories for the whole fruit.  That's tonight's dinner and I'm thrilled to be using my "new" rotisserie.  I put new in quotes because it's new to me but not necessarily new itself.  There is a story there but it'll have to wait for another day.  It would take WAY too long to explain about my husband's magical storage room under the stairs.

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