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Monday, May 16, 2011

Confession Monday

Happy Monday!

It's a mixed happy, but I'll take it. Good because I'll be burning calories at a rate of 610 an hour by pushing my lawnmower around my decently sized yard.  Bad because my allergies hate me when I mow and I won't be fit for much else afterwards.  Oh well.  Small sacrifices must be made.  And I WANT to make them.  I am currently being taunted by 0.1 of a pound.  I'd be pretty darn happy if my Tuesday weigh-in said 8 pounds lost and 0.1 pound is certainly doable in one day. 

I do have to admit a few things:
  • I'm finding it harder and harder to drink my two liters of water a day. Borderline torture.
  • I'm barely getting close to my calorie goals.  I am trying for 1500 but often only hit 1400.
  • My husband is visibly losing weight without trying and I want to stomp my feet.  It's not fair.
  • I ate a Subway steak and cheese footlong yesterday. The bread tasted like magic in my mouth.


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