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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Ramblings

I am so frickin' stuffed.  I just ate lunch and it was huge and delicious.  Lettuce, tuna, cheddar and a bit of mayo in a pita with cherries on the side.  I could barely finish it and it wasn't even 300 calories.

It's so funny.  I feel like I'm eating all the time now.  I'm doing three meals and three snacks a day for a total of at least 1500 calories.  It's been a struggle since healthy food tends to be low calorie and then I have to eat tons of food to meet my quota.  I was always told that you had to restrict your calories in order to lose weight.  Apparently, that's not true after all.

I haven't had any major personal victories this week but I did get a free dose of joy courtesy of my husband.  He was talking this weekend (he brought it up like five times) about how amazing it is to see what he is eating nightly since not too long ago he hated a lot of the things I serve him now.  He's developed a love of steamed cauliflower and broccoli, only has soda once a week when he eats lunch out with his coworkers, and encouraged me to make pistachio pudding because "it's worth a try."  I'm so proud of him for giving all these changes a shot.  I know that he would be happy eating pizza, burgers, pasta, and heavy casseroles every night. BUT he's doing it for me.  I have never had anyone support me so fully.  What a great guy.

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