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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm Going on an Adventure!

Nothing fancy at all.

My husband is off to Minneapolis on a business trip and I've been invited to tag along on this one.

We're renting a car thanks to his lovely company and going to make a mini vacation of it.  The drive up is about four hours and we're going to make a few stops along the way.

One stop at Cabella's to check some prices on backpacking gear.

One stop at REI to check out THEIR gear. 
 I'm uber-excited about this since they have SO many awesome things online that I want to see and touch in person.  Tents, packs, sleeping bags, and a whole bunch of other specialty stuff that I'll finally get to use next year.  Why?  I'll tell you about it in another post.  It's late now.  I still haven't packed.  Oops.

One stop at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park for a few hours of hiking.

Because I'm going on an adventure!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Let Me Introduce You to My Latest Obsession


Specifically, sun salutation.

I love how you can make it as relaxing or an intense as you please depending upon how much you put into it.

It's pretty funny actually.

I feel like I surprise the teacher every time.  Like, she expects me to be a fat chick who is incapable of balancing my body for more than a few second, stretching beyond a basic bend, or even considering doing a semi-decent plank.

I showed her!

I can bend over and put my hands flat on the floor without bending my knees.
I can do full on push-ups like it's nobody's business.
I don't huff and puff as I change between poses.
and I can do this:

Half moon pose!

I can hold it for minutes at a time.

My next goal is Crow Pose.  Think I can do it?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Hate My Scale

The title of this is not some philosophical rant.

I don't hate my scale because those little numbers are simply the digital process of the machine telling me I'm fat.

I don't hate my scale because it makes me feel badly if I don't run that extra mile after a very tiring day.

I don't hate my scale because it's obviously judging me when I eat a less than highly nutritious meal.

I don't hate my scale because it makes me feel sorry every time I force it to withstand the force of all my body weight.


Oh no!  I'm not talking about any of those things today when I reference hating my scale.  I hate the sucker because it broke.  That's right.  It stopped working all together.

Do you have any idea what stepping on a scale and BREAKING IT does to self-esteem?

It destroys it.  I know it's silly.  Really.

The fat girl inside me though...


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yesterday Was Plain Awful...

Thank goodness it's already tomorrow.

Yesterday was plain awful again.  Tornadoes, hail, and tons of flooding here in South Dakota.

Scary, scary stuff.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I've got some goals.

Are they achievable? Definitely. For me?  Ehhhhh... not so sure.  So I'll keep those close for now.  Regardless, the goal is to be in the best shape of my life by September 7th.

I need increased endurance.

I'd like to be lighter.

I need to not injure myself doing something stupid like overdoing it.

Pretty easy?  I hope so.

New goals = new foods for me.  I love food.  Really.  I just don't understand those people that just eat to live.  Food can be delicious so why would anyone only intake what they needed?  I can't do it.

Lunch for the week!

Inspired by those "Suddenly Salad" pastas, I made my own.

One box of cooked Barilla gluten-free rotini mixed with half a bottle of Bolthouse Farms brand cilantro avocado dressing (SO GOOD!), a large grilled chicken breast all diced up, chopped fire roasted red pepper, and a sprinkle of Romano cheese for some zing.

It's a major win!

I had to stop sampling it before I ate too much and didn't have enough for lunch.

Vacation Recap

Just got back from summer vacation in the lovely Black Hills of South Dakota.
Days filled with fresh air, sunshine, and constant hiking.

Or first hike was a little jaunt on the Presidential Trail that let us walk right along the rock field directly beneath those famous faces.

Then we walked the Deerfield Trail from Silver City until sunset finally forced us to turn back.

Day 2 was taken up with the two hour drive into Wyoming to visit Devils Tower.  We did the Tower Loop Trail.  It was pretty amazing to see all the different views as we circled the monument and went up to the boulder field.  Plus, there were miles of prairie dog villages.  I'm always amused by the little guys.

Day 3 started with a hike in Custer State Park.  We took Trail #4 to Little Devils Tower because why not?  We hit up the big guy the day before, might as well do the junior.  Lots of switchbacks, some minor rock scrambles, and the best was sitting at the top in the sunshine while watching and hearing a thunderstorm rage on the next mountain over.

Day 4 was a trip up to Spearfish Canyon.  I've been meaning to make this hike for years and it was worth the wait.  We hiked up to Roughlock Falls along the lower canyon ridge and everything about it was gorgeous.  Well, almost everything.  I got to be a bit of a jerk when I informed a woman about the error of her ways when she attempted to leave with a chipmunk she had lured into her purse with crackers.  Idiots.

Still in Spearfish Canyon, we did a quick stop to view the Bridal Veil Falls.

And a trip to the Hills wouldn't be complete without seeing a few buffalo.  We saw tons of wildlife.  Chipmunks, prairie dogs, woodchucks, beaver, a coyote, buffalo, wild turkey, wild burros, and a whole bunch of fish and birds.