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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weight Shaming

Where the hell do we get off?

No really? Who died and made Americans the final word on what is right and proper? Who told us we had to regulate the world?

We are so darn opinionated and eager to fix the lives of other people. But who made us the boy scouts of the universe? If we don't like it, it must be wrong. That's the impression I get from acts like cutting french fries from kid's meals at fast food places, regulating how many ounces of soda is "too much", and blatant weight shaming. Both under and over weight people get it but the fat shaming is ridiculous. Even in jest, it can hurt. People think that's a good thing because it "motivates to change." Well damnit! Maybe I don't want to change! But I will. Because America makes it hard to feel beautiful when everything seems to be saying otherwise.

Have you seen something about weight that's really gotten to you? Wanna vent?




Friday, March 15, 2013

There are a Lot of Liars

Scales lie.


*They can lead you to believe that all your hard work was for nothing since you gained instead of lost.  It rarely mentions that a handful of muscle, being much denser than fat, weighs more.  It doesn't mention that when you overdid it in the gym/dance/treadmill activity, your muscles got hurt so your brain sent a protective layer of water bloat to cushion the area until it repairs itself.

Our brains lie.  


*Have you ever seen a person out in public wearing something ridiculously wrong for their body?  Like a 400lb woman wearing day-glo pink spandex with a fluffy sweater that looked liked she killed Chewbacca?  Know why she likely wore that outfit?  She thought she looked GOOD!  It's the same mechanism that causes a girl you may think looks perfect, to think she's grossly fat.

Our loved ones and friends lie.


*Good friends love you no matter what.  But it's their love for you that causes them to blatantly lie to your face.  I've known a person or two to behave otherwise but most people when confronted with the "does this make me look fat?" question, would never just say "yes."  Not wanting to hurt you they suggest that maybe that outfit just isn't your color or that the pockets are cut weird and therefore it looks odd.

You know what doesn't lie regularly?

Our clothes.


If your clothes don't fit.  There is a problem.  Sure, it could just be temporary. Maybe all those salty foods or gluten or alcohol over the weekend are causing you to bloat for a bit.  No big deal, but you notice the problem because your pants don't fit quite right.  

Moral of the story:  Listen to your pants.  The others all lie.