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Friday, May 6, 2011

Look at the Fat Chick!

I started my new diet and exercise program an Monday, April 25th.  I started this blog today as a way to log my results and thought along the way.

Am I dieting exclusively to get healthy, extend my life, or to get back to a happy size?  Nope.  Those things are all bonuses of course, but I'm doing this to not be fat.  Fat to me, isn't necessarily the state of being medically overweight or obese.  Fat is when the society you surround yourself with, whether intentionally or not, decides that you are larger than you should be.  You feel like the elephant in the room and are convinced that everyone else sees you that way.  The thought of going clothes shopping makes you feel like vomiting before you even get to the store and experience the anxiety, frustration and even shame.
My official weight loss goals both small and large:
  • 6.25lbs per month
  • 50lbs by Christmas
  • Fit into my favorite skirt (It's a small 10)
  • Walk 30-60 minutes every morning to stimulate breakfast hunger and start the day losing
  • Use Aerobic DVDs at least 3 times per week (30 minute each - dancing)
  • Use dumbbells on aerobic off days to tone arms.
  • Consume more healthy calories
  • Eat throughout the day as opposed to only 2 meals and a snack.
  • Be able to do a 10k in time for the Jingle Bell Run
  • Wear out my new running shoes by Christmas.
  • Like what I see when I look in the mirror.
That last goal is in bold because it's the most important. I hate looking at myself.  All I see is fat.


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