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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Might Have Caught a Glimpse

I weighed in this morning and think I've lost another pound since Saturday.  I'm not logging it yet as an official pound lost.  The scale showed 0.9 pound lost, flickered to 1.0 pound, and then back to 0.9 pound.  It was screwing with me.  Giving me a tiny peek at another pound lost and then taking it away.  My scale may be a jerk. Hopefully I'll be an official 1/10th of a pound lighter tomorrow morning and be able to change my ticker.

So.  I walked into the bathroom today after a good usage of the treadmill and for a second caught a glimpse in my peripheral vision.  I looked fully in the mirror and didn't see anything that resembled that quick glimpse.  I think I saw myself.  Like, the real me.  Not effected by poor self-image or any of that other crap.  Maybe all the exercise is tiring out that miserable fat chick to the point that she was slower than usual to show up in the mirror.

I hate that chick.

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