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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Reward Saturday!

Today is my off diet day and I did it up in grand style.  I didn't eat excessive calories, but the calories I ate were deliciously nutrient deficient.

Brunch was at noon and consisted of:
  • two over-medium eggs
  • five strips of low sodium bacon
  • one hash brown square
  • one slice of low calorie toast
  • one cup of 100% pure orange juice
Normally, I eat three meals and three snacks a day.  Hopefully I eat enough to equal 1500 calories.  I only ate 1420 today, but I don't dare add another bite.  Breakfast wasn't too ridiculous, but dinner was not diet friendly.

Dinner was at five pm and consisted of:
  • a glass of coca-cola
  • steamed dumplings with dipping sauce
  • pressed duck with plum sauce
Overall a thoroughly delicious day.   We went to the market this morning and bought an almost obscene amount of vegetables and fruits.  We actually like them.  Both of us, not just me.  Although I enjoyed today, I am totally excited about this coming week.  I'm reaching for the "15 lost" goal and can almost feel it in my hand.  Now to go out and get it.

In related diet news:  I was slapping my thigh in time with some music and notice that even relaxed, it doesn't jiggle like it use to.  Not sure if it's due to fat loss or muscle gain, but I like it.

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