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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some Rib Action

Happy Sunday!

Quick post today.

So I was laying on the bed this morning with my feet hanging off.  This is the pose that makes me the skinniest I can be.  I mean, it's the same pose I strike when trying to zip up or button too-tight pants.  It slims me.  But anyway, I was wearing my comfy pajama pants and had my tank top pulled up so that I could use my stomach as a drum. Don't pretend you've never done it!  If you really haven't, you should.  It's highly amusing as the tone of the "drum" changes based upon what you've eaten or drank.

ANYWAY.  I'm so darn easily distracted today.  My husband looks over while I'm drumming away and says "Sweetie.  You've got some rib action going on over there."  Sure enough, he was right.  Not that it's visible when I'm standing but without intentionally sucking it in, I've got "rib action."

Guess the workouts ARE working.

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