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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Started Level Two Today

30 Day Shred Level 2 =  kill me now

Here is what I learned or experienced today:
  • It was just as hard as the first day of level 1.
  • I still hate Jillian Michaels and happily told her so whenever I objected to her workout methods.
  • I sweat so much I soaked through my shorts and left an icky damp spot on my mat.
  • Despite deodorant, I smelled really bad.  I honestly offended myself.
  • I literally laid on the floor for 25 minutes after because I could not move.
  • This is a 2 bra workout.  I have horrific chafing under my left breast.  Horrific! (Anyone have a magical cure since this is gonna suck to wear a sports bra tomorrow)
  • Plank-twists are a product of the devil.
  • I followed the more challenging workout example most of the time (except when my knees couldn't take the impact)
  • I want this.  Hopefully I can keep my motivation up. 

 See that picture above?  That's Jillian Michaels.  While I don't look the same as her "before", I see her posture, body language, and expression and am certain I feel the same as her.  She looks upset someone is taking a picture because she doesn't want a reminder of how she looks.  She's covering her stomach hoping to minimize it.  She looks like that picture is just another misery added to her day.  She doesn't feel pretty, just insecure.  i don't want to feel like that anymore.  I want to feel like her "after" picture.  Minus the stink-face of course.

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