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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Diet Advice From an Unlikely Source

I was watching a tv show today.  I'm not actually going to mention the show because I totally judge myself for watching it so I don't need all of you judging me too. But I heard the best diet advice ever.  It really rings true for me and I might even put it up on the wall in my gym.
"Diet food is for lazy people."   ~Ice T
 You know, it is.  I've been obsessing about food for decades.  DECADES.  I love food and hate it at the same time.  How can you not love this:

 Thick, delicious challah bread.  it is SO good and I don't even care that the gluten will kick my butt as it is that worth it.

But why can't I have it? No reason.  I can have anything if I work hard, burn calories, and get fit.  Anything.  Not just food.  i can change my life.  I've been looking at this all the wrong way.  Who knew that Ice T would be inspiring?

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