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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Diet vs Boobs

We've all heard women complain that the first place on their body that loses weight is their breasts.  I wouldn't mind if that happened to me as long as I lost weight all over so I'm at least proportioned.  They're kinda big and a pain anyway.

So a few weeks ago, I had to start putting on my bras by using the middle of the three rows in the back.  I was like,
"Huh?  Guess I lost weight around my rib cage.  Maybe I'll luck out and go down a cup size."
Then last week, I had to start putting on my bras by using the tightest of the three rows in the back.  I was like,
"Weird.  Maybe these bras are all stretchy so I can't tell the cup difference."
Then this morning I put on a bra and realized  that it was so loose that it was bra shopping day.  I went to Kohl's, picked up a few bras, tried them on and bought this cute Olga one (below - Kohl's model pictured) along with some more serviceable ones and some underwear that don't look like saggy old lady undies.  Yep.  I lost weight in my butt too.  Some clothes look better, but some like the underwear...  not so flattering.

But...  I just bought a smaller size band.  This diet hates me.  I swear my boobs are bigger.  I bought my normal cup size since I kinda refuse to buy anything in the ridiculous size ranges.

Another weird thing I've noticed lately:  my socks don't fit properly.  I don't think I suffered from fat-foot-syndrome and that I've lost weight in my feet, but what other explanation is there?


  1. I wonder if maybe your exercises are strengthening your pecs and therefore propping up your boobs!

  2. True fact: cup size varies with band size, so a DD (for example) has less...uh, volume? when it's a 32DD than it would if it was a 34DD. Thus, if you've gone down a band size, but you're wearing the "same" cup size, both your circumference and your breast size must have decreased.

    As for your clue.

    Also, you're awesome.

  3. (Uh, I don't know why I am "Unknown" up there.)

  4. arwo beat me to it! Cup size is all about the difference in the measurement between the band measurement and the fullest part of your breast, so if your band size went down and your cup size stayed the same you're shrinking proportionately!