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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fat Chick Cometh

I look like a fat-ass.

No, this isn't some insult to motivate ploy.  It is on purpose though.  I bought some Fila workout gear that is super soft, lightweight, comfy, and downright cute.  It is however, skin tight.  I can see every lump, bump, and handful of blubber that I want gone.  Thanks to the bright blue trim, all my body imperfections are perfectly highlighted.  Instead of buying my normal style of clothes, I decided to think outside the box.  I took a picture of myself wearing the outfit pre-workout (in fact I'm still pre-workout since I'm procrastinating by typing this because I'm kinda scared to start the 30 Day Shred program) so that I can compare pictures with future pictures and hopefully can really see the weight loss.

Will I share these pictures with you?  Yes.
Now?  Not a chance.  I can handle showing you a "before" pic.  Just not a "now" pic

It's kind of funny actually.  Refreshing too.  To be able to truly see what needs to be fixed.  I think taking a pic once a week is my plan.  Although, doing it every day and then making a video that shows me shrinking has a lot of appeal.  opinions?

As for this little piece of terror, It better work.  I'm watching my food like a hawk.  Starting pure today.  Completely clean eating.  Super simple foods.  Tonight will be grilled chicken breast with corn and a gripload of fresh pea pods.  Only water to drink.  I'm not even going to risk having tea.  Dang it Jillian Michaels. Your program claims I can "lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days!"  I'd be thrilled with half of that.  I'd be happy with 6 since that would put me at 20 pounds lost.  Heck, as long as I lose something I can deal.  I DO think I'm pretty darn determined though.  It there is a big loss waiting for me, I'm out to get it.  If the Shred fails, there is always Sweating to the Oldies right?  Right?

EDIT:  Oh my God.  I just finished my first day of the video and I've gotta tell you the following things:
  1. I hate that chick.  Not like personally, more like "Stop telling me to keep going while you just stand there talking about those of us that are actually doing the exercises!" and "She lies!  She said we were done and THEN we had to do bicycle crunches which sucked at the end."
  2. I had sweat pouring off my body at the end.
  3. I consider myself a polite woman but I was swearing like a sailor during the workout.
  4. Do not do the workout in the basement.  I almost didn't make it back up the stairs to the living room afterwards.
  5. I'm starving.

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  1. Hi Anna, I just read through the last few entries and wanted to give you a big hug and say that you can email me anytime, anything, my emails go right to my phone, just like my fab Anna FB updates ;)

    Also: exercise videos and their instructors... hoo-boy. It's a fine balance finding the right one. Most times I find one I like, but hate the instructor, so I'll do it for a few weeks and make fun of the person. Sometimes, they don't have any warm-ups or cool downs and that just pisses me off. I always pick "beginner" Yoga or Pilates, and they are NEVER for beginners, so frustrating.