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Monday, January 7, 2013

Let's Talk "Biggest Loser"

Alright.  No spoilers here so don't fret.

This show makes me feel great about myself in that motivational way that is they can do it, I can do it.  But it also makes me feel oh so very bad about myself.

I've been working so hard on improving my self image.  SO HARD.  And then I see these contestants.  Some of which have very similar weights as I currently do and I think "Oh my God.  Is that how I look?"  Once again, "Are people just being nice to me by not telling me what a blob I look?"  Here are the female contestants that are close-ish in weight to me.

 Only 13 pounds heavier than me.

Only 10 pounds heavier than me.

Only 20 pounds heavier than me.

Only 18 pounds heavier than me.

I just don't get it.  What is wrong in my head?  My body before I started losing weight was likely just as bad as the contestants but now I look at the group photo and think "I am WAY fitter and thinner than those guys."  But the damn numbers.  The numbers say that's not quite true.


  1. You are WAY fitter than those people, and you don't need to go on national television and be shamed into chewing trident gum to be motivated to do something about it.

    When my cousin was 8m pregnant (same height as me) she posted something on FB complaining that she weighed 150 and I about choked. I haven't been 150 in about 8 years. However, I had to remind myself that weight numbers do not necessarily equate to fitness, making them relative (or irrelevant). You do you and don't worry about anyone else!

  2. What about their height? They might be shorter than you. Also, I'm willing to bet your body fat percentage is lower and you're in better shape. Don't let it get you down. :)

  3. First of all, I know that you KNOW numbers don't matter. Two women with the same weight can have completely different body types and will carry their weight differently. That being said, I just pulled up the full body images of those 4 women and you know what? I think they're all beautiful. Could they stand to "get in shape?" Of course, but I think they're far from "blobs." And you know what else? I think you're beautiful, too. You've done so well with your weight loss. You are an inspiration and I am proud of you.