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Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to Cope?

For me, weight loss is all about routine.

When I'm successful it's because I find something that works and then repeat the process over and over as long as I get results.  When I fail it's never because of a single thing.  It's because I keep doing the wrong things over and over again.  Not rocket science. So it's no surprise that things start to go wrong for me in the world of weight loss when schedules are involved.

Spring semester classes are starting once again and just like always, I'm feeling overwhelmed.  My orderly world of:

  • Eat at 9am
  • Exercise/work
  • Eat at 11am
  • Chores/work
  • Eat at 2pm
  • Errands/work
  • Eat at 4pm
  • Make dinner
  • Eat at 7pm
  • Watch a little tv's all going to be turned on its head come Monday.

I've gotta start packing foods/snacks to go again.  I've gotta shift workouts to late in the day.  I've got to meal plan everything instead of just dinners.  I've got to hope the added stress doesn't knock me back to my fattest days when I'd skip breakfast, often lunch, and then just eat a small dinner because my stomach had shrunk so much from lack of food.

I've done this before many times and gotten through.  I still worry though.  That's just my nature.  While there is nothing wrong with a soda or candy bar once in a while, will I start picking it up as a habit between classes?  Will not being a morning person cause me to oversleep and not have time to pack my lunch?  Will I just fail?

I don't ask myself these things to be negative.  I'm one of those people that always likes to be prepared.  If I can recognize potential problems before they arise, perhaps I'll be better prepare to battle them then.

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  1. I'm a routine person, too. As long as I stick to a routine (which doesn't last long,) I'm OK. The minute something happens, I completely fall off the wagon. But, I know you'll be able to find a new routine! You've done it before, so you know how to do it. I have confidence in you!

    PS. Pack your lunch before bed at night (not that I EVER do that)