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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Very Expensive Urine

During an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon finds himself grocery shopping in the company of Penny.  Sheldon is along to purchase a multitude of eggs for use in an at home culinary experiment.  While shopping, Penny begins loading up on bottles of various vitamins and supplements.  Hilarity ensues.

Generally speaking, I totally agree with Sheldon.  Heck, I just generally agree with him.  I use to be of the mind that I didn't need any kind of a vitamin.  I trusted the sun's warming rays, the food I ate, my exercise, and my body to produce everything I could possibly need.  Turns out, that method doesn't work for everyone.  So here I am.  Enjoying the benefits of weight loss thanks to finding a nutritional balance that my body deems appropriate to lose weight.  I've discovered that when I feed my body what it needs, it treats me better.  Novel thought huh?  I never said I was swift of mind.

Weight loss update:

I have lost 24% of my total body weight.  Can you believe that crap?  I can't.  Still can't see it either.  I think my brain is gonna explode when I finally get below 200.  It's gonna be amazing.

Anyway, here are my daily ingredients for expensive urine.

Pretty huh?  The only vitamin/supplement not shown is my niacin tablet but that's for cholesterol regulation since my last physical showed my numbers a tad high.  I talked to my doctor, and this is what we came up with.  You should talk to yours.

What we have here is (from top to bottom)

  • Nature Made Adult Gummies Vitamin D3  -  No sun = low D, this helps.
  • Nature Made Adult Gummies Fish Oil  -  For cholesterol to support a healthy heart.
  • Nature Made Adult Gummies B Complex  -  Helps produce energy from food eaten.
  • Nature Made Adult Gummies Coq10  -  Antioxidant important in energy production.
  • Nature Made Adult Gummies Calcium  -  For strong bones.
  • GNC Women's Prenatal Formula with Iron  -  A multi-vitamin.
  • Diurex Water Pills  -  Cut the bloat from accident gluten ingestion.
So there you have it.  Turns out, vitamins were just the boost I needed to break through a major plateau.  Weight loss even seems easier this time.  Maybe I was missing those few key ingredients to make my urine expensive enough.

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  1. So true! Expensive, but pretty neon colors, right? I was embarrassed when I had to leave a sample at the dr this morning, but she assured me that she's seen weirder colors and smells. Neon orange with a tinge of green is sorta freaky!