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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Giveaway and a Holiday Struggle

First things first.  I wanted to totally keep it to myself to up my chances but over at Prior Fat Girl they're doing a few fabulous giveaways that include a Polar heart rate monitor (hurry ends tonight), Some Billy Blanks programs, and a Shape magazine wellness pack that looks totally awesome.  Click here to enter:

In other news, it's just over 50 days until Christmas and tomorrow marks the start of my holiday struggle.  My church does a huge bazaar every year with tons of handcrafts, linens, books, furniture, and most importantly... food.  Not just any food.  Traditional Norwegian fare that defies you to try to put a caloric amount on it.  I'm sure you can do it, but the numbers would probably shock you into death.

Speaking of numbers:

BAM!  One more pound to the half way goal!

So it's totally important that I don't completely sabotage my progress with a gorge-fest.  And it totally could be.  Lefse, Swedish meatballs, pie, more lefse, shrimpy sandwiches, Rømmegrøt, sweet coffee, rosettes, and I have to admit that they may very well be more lefse.  What to do?  It's totally a once a year event but my weight is my life.  I know just one day isn't going to completely erase what I already have achieved, but then again, is one day of food pleasure worth setting back something that's for my life?

I mean c'mon!  It's kicking off Christmas!
But I might have to kick my own butt afterwards.

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  1. Mmmmm, lefse! And yay another pound lost!

    For events like that, I like to make sure I eat well and exercise (and maybe do a bit extra when I can) the rest of the week, and then enjoy everything that I want, but in moderation. Like, no, I don't need 5 heaping plates with a full serving of everything, but I can enjoy everything I love without going overboard by having a few bites of everything to constitute a reasonable total.

    But even if you do indulge, it's not the end of the world. Remember that it takes 3500 calories to make a pound, so you'd REALLY have to overindulge to truly set yourself back from one night :)