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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What the Hell?

I refuse to do the whole measurement thing.  It's too depressing.  I haven't lost a single pound in two weeks.  In fact, I've gained half a pound. Could be building muscle, but still.  I need to not be fat.  I need to feel good about myself just once and that darn scale was coming pretty darn close to making me feel good.  I'm a pound away from 15 lbs lost.  Throw me a frickin' bone! 

Be warned.  I AM in a mood today.

Since I'm venting, here are a couple more things that have irked me lately:
  • When people ask for diet/exercise help, why do people insist on listing things that aren't accessible to everyone?  I've been repeatedly told to take up swimming, to use a certain phone app to get fit, and to buy the P90X system.  Yeah, most people don't have a swimming pool or spend the high rate for a big gym plus pool membership.  Also, most people don't have app friendly phones and I'm sure as hell not going to go out and buy a $300 phone just to track calories.  Oh, and heart rate monitors...  $100 might be "cheap" to you, but it's sure as hell not to me.  that's more than I spend on food in a whole week.
  • Don't assume that people need to lose weight because they have trouble with self-control.  Not all of us are fat because we can't avoid eating a whole tub of ice cream a day or because we think fast-food is the best choice for dinner each night.  Get this:  some of us are fat because we don't want to be fat.  To avoid being fat, I slowly restricted myself for years.  I ate less than the skinny girls I hung out with.  I turned down seconds of a tasty dinner even if it was healthy.  Turns out, I wasn't eating enough to lose weight. I was inadvertently starving myself.  I was eating less than half of what I'm supposed to eat. Thanks to all the jerks in the world like the guys who barked at me on different occasions, the waiter who assumed I wanted a salad and diet coke, and the blind date guy who had meth-mouth (eww) but left the date early because he thought I'd be prettier.

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