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Thursday, January 30, 2014

One of Those Days...

DISCLAIMER:  I started this post last night and simply chose to ponder the implications of my post prior to completing it.

You know those days?

The ones where you wake up and already know the day is going to suck?  Like you thought for a moment that the day was gonna be great and then you looked into the mirror in the bathroom and realize that you have a monster pimple right on the edge of your nose or lip and it's so huge it's practically waving at you?  Then you drive to work and in the process you spill coffee, get stuck behind the slowest person on Earth, and hit every single red light?  Then you pull out your packed lunch only to discover that a bad food choice was made and nothing ends up reheating well?  And then you make the supremely stupid decision to challenge the Fates, God, Mother Nature, WHOMEVER... to bring it on because you're too strong to be taken down by silly first-world problems...


Fate called my bluff.

A good friend lost his father today.

Yeah, that kind of day.  I've just had one.

The worst part?  I feel like a complete and total jerk.  Like, logically I know I have my life to live but how can I continue debating between whether or not chicken tortilla soup is the right choice for dinner when there are REAL problems, pain, decisions, and situations in the world?

I think I now know how we continue on.  Well, I know how I continue on at least.  You can make your own choices.  We all own a little bit of freedom.

We are all free to live in our own heads.  Spending our quiet time daydreaming of some amazing and magical separate reality.  To worry about yourself does not exclusively mean that you don't worry about others.  It just means that you were listening to the in flight instructions regarding emergencies and know that you are supposed to see to your own well-being before assisting others with theirs.

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