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Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Saw the Sign

If you believe in superstition, fate, or a whole bunch of magical stuff...

Today I received a sign.

And yes, I nearly broke out in song when I realized that I saw the sign.
It opened up my eyes...  I saw the sign!

Great!  Now that's stuck in my head again.

Confession time:  I love fortune cookies.
Any fortune cookies.  Novelty, inedible, chocolate, filled, crocheted, giant.. doesn't matter.
I adore the cute little things and the mysteries they tend to hold.

Life is kinda like those little cookies.  Forrest Gump would like you to think otherwise but I disagree with him.

I feel like fortune cookies are always exactly what you need.  Sure, sometimes they're too dry or too sweet or not sweet enough or stale or too crisp or already broken.  And that sucks.  But sometimes they are the perfect palate cleanser after a meal or a much needed sweet that you just remembered you didn't eat after the last Chinese food dinner (BONUS!).

Some desserts or treats are made with a special ingredient: LOVE.

Fortune cookies generally are not.  A lot of them are made in factories in N. Jersey and Brooklyn.  Very few little, old, rosy cheeked grandmothers are involved in the baking process.  But you know what special ingredient they manage to include that can often be in terribly short supply?


I received a little hope today.

Whether that little slip of paper contains some sage truth from the beyond or merely a randomized message meant to fill the four million fortune cookies mass produced each day doesn't matter.

What matters is that I read that little slip and my first thought wasn't regarding the generic nature of the fortune. My first thought was "Darn straight I do!"

I have the ability to accomplish great things.

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