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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Update and a Cup of Tea

Rest day today.  All I did was a 30 minute walk on the treadmill.  Thank God!  My quads are screaming at me every time I go down the stairs.  Not up, just down and I look really pitiful doing it.  I also strained one of the muscles in my armpit so my ability to be pathetic knows no bounds apparently.

Yesterday was the start of a thirty day exercise challenge I'm doing with a fine group of ladies I know.  My goal is to participate in thirty minutes of aerobic activity each day, even if it's only walking.  So far, so good!  Of course, it's only day two.  So time will tell.  I'm really hoping I can stay on track this week.  It's the last week of classes before finals and although I'm sitting pretty well as far as grades go, I always stress out.

In other news; I'm taking up tea.

Just a test run to begin with since I do love these seasonal teas but really know very little about them.  I've heard loose leaf tends to be healthier, green tea is healthier than black, and have no idea where white tea ranks.  All I know is that I want something tasty, something that is a tad sweet so I don't feel the urge to add sweetener, and something that'll make me feel good.

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  1. The candy cane one is delicious. We have it at home.