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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tag-Team Suicide

I've done it.

In the midst of school finals chaos (and it's totally chaos), I've managed to get back to an exercise routine.  I've been working out but let's face it; sometimes people get lazy and I'm definitely people.  I've rebounded in weight slightly but truth is I'm not worried about it.  I figure it's mostly bloat from the gluten-fest I enjoyed at the in-laws over Thanksgiving.  I paid for it afterwards, but I totally enjoyed.  Very few things beat a South Dakota farm wife's bread pudding for dessert.

But enough of that.  I'm lazy.  Fact.  I'm also fat and want to be thin.  Well, maybe not thin, but at least un-fat.  Therefore... back to the grind.

I'm visiting an old friend.

I kinda missed her.  The way she looks at me from the television screen with an expression that says "I dare ya to quit fatty," and then I tell her what I think about her.

So I'm killing myself doing the thirty days again.  Not nearly as badly as the first time I ever did it, but I'm still hurting.  BUT... I'm not alone this time!  My H, the "I only do manly workouts" guy, is doing it with me!  

We started tonight.  Right after work but before dinner so he could claim he was too full to participate.  It was hard!  It's amazing how much endurance you lose after taking time off.  I'm still in decent shape thankfully, but I did totally get winded a few times. 

We watched the video last night so my H could figure out the moves.  The man has never done anything remotely resembling aerobics in his life.  He thought it looked pretty easy.  The poor man changed his tune by eight minutes in.  Huffing and puffing, red in the face, and complaining of a hurt calf muscle. (He's fine.  I suspect it's less pain and more acceptable burn)  I'm so proud of him. Maybe doing 30 Day Shred will be like a gateway drug and he'll be open to more types of exercise.  Maybe ballroom dancing classes are in our future?  Probably not.  But a girl can dream can't she?

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  1. Woo Hoo! I may be starting it again soon. I haven't done anything remotely close to that in almost 2 years and I'm dying of sloth.