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Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Review - Pink Zebra

Ready for the "Why I am doing a review" disclaimer?

So this lady on Facebook was offering free samples of something candle related and I'm all "I love free & I love smelly, girly crap!" So I shot her my address and she swung by with what you see in the pictures below.  All she asked was that I'd send her a sentence or two on Facebook detailing what I think of the products and that if it's favorable, she can use my words on her website as a testimonial.  So instead, I decided to do a full blog post.  Heck, I can be bought.  I won't lie but I'll gladly honestly review products in exchange for... well, products.  And cash.  I like cash.  OOH!  And cake.  Y'all know I love cake.


Pink Zebra.
This was all tucked into a large envelope and left between my storm and wooden door.
It's one of those "have a party and make money" businesses but also offers individual sales.

Little wax beads that pack a powerful punch!  Powerful!
I feel like I need to saw it again.  Powerful punch!

This business has multiple products available but really seems to be competing in the same market as other companies that sell those ceramic warmer things that melt a wax product that then smell-ifies your home in a positive way.


I can attest that "Sprinkles maximize fragrance."

Although I really don't know what other companies use, I do like that the product is made from soy and paraffin.  Traditional wax candles are so sooty.  I actually haven't burned one in years.  Plus, I have some resident cats that have me convinced that at least one of them WOULD figure out some way to burn the house down if an open flame was ever unattended for even a second.

These are the scent I received to sample: Warm Apple Pie, Orange Dreamsicle, & Ooey Gooey Caramel.  Here are the cool things I discovered about these products:

*Just setting them in a dish will fill a room with scent

*Putting Sprinkles on a warmer guarantees that your house will fill with deliciously wonderful smells.

*You can design your own scents!  I mixed the Warm Apple Pie and the Ooey Gooey Caramel Sprinkles together in a warmer and created the most wonderful Caramel Apple Pie scent.

*Bored with your old traditional candles?  I had a random old candle that was allegedly "citrus" scented.  A small sprinkle of the Orange Dreamsicle Sprinkles on top and it's like I have a completely new candle!

*There are wick kits available to turn your Sprinkles into your very own customized candle.  I'd love to try making one with layered sprinkles of multiple scents.

 Above is the business card from the Pink Zebra consultant who provided me with the samples. If you're interesting in checking it, I'm sure she'd love an email from you.

The Wrap-Up:  I liked these products.  Actually, more than similar products.  Now, I've only had the samples for a week so it's a short-term judgment but I really think these Sprinkles are very nice and I'll definitely use them again in the future.

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