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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Review - Nutrish

Ready for the "Why I am doing a review" disclaimer?

It's pretty simple.  I received a sample in the mail.  Ages ago, I heard about Nutrish. It's a Rachael Ray product and it's a pretty darn awesome sounding pet food.  Buzzwords like "natural" and "grain-free" are associated with it and I was impressed.  Except for the fact that it was a dog food and I have no dog.  *sigh*
So I was THRILLED when just recently I saw a Facebook advertisement inviting me to sign up for my free sample of Rachael Ray's Nutrish for Cat!

So I did. It arrived today.  Now I'll tell you what I think of it.

Why?  Because that's how I roll.

It's a lovely, big package! No skimping here.

Food and coupons?  Don't mind if I DO.

One of the coupons is for a wet food version of the Nutrish for cats.  I used the website to locate where I can locally find these pet foods and was quite disappointed.  The dry food is only available at Walmart.  This is a problem since I haven't visited either location in town for nearly five years do to the absolutely infuriating parking situation at both and the random nutjob customers at both.  Not that all customers are nutjobs but man, that store does seem to attract them.  The wet food?  Not available at all in my city.
So if I want it, I'm going to have to order on Amazon.
Not the worst thing ever. Just inconvenient.
I'm going to talk to my local grocery market about stocking the products.

The sample was enough to fill an entire food bowl!
Now, I didn't want to risk bellyaches in the kittens, as that can happen when a sudden change to diet occurs, so I just offered it to them as a snack.
I set the food bowl down on the floor and then waited and watched.

 Curiosity was instantly piqued.  Everyone came over to investigate the strange offering in the bowl.

Lucy liked it!
Lucy is approaching six years old and is notorious in the house for disliking all cat foods (despite loving simple people foods).  After much research and sampling, that darn cat will only eat Purina Weight Loss Formula for dry food and Greenies for treats.  That's it.
Until now apparently.
She waited her turn patiently and then dug right in.  Definitely a winner with her!

The official result can be seen above.
I spread a bit out on the floor and it's official:

Three out of four cats tested, adored Nutrish for Cats.

My only concern was whether the food would sit well in the bellies of the beasts.

As you can see, the cats were in full-body bliss after eating.  It was like a post-Thanksgiving binge induced community nap.


We like Nutrish for Cats.  

If it was easier to find in South Dakota, I'd switch my cats to it exclusively and immediately.

The ingredients are great.  It's only fair that my cats eat as well as I do.

The food itself looked moist and flavorful as opposed to the dry bits most foods resemble

END DISCLAIMER:  Send me stuff, I'll review it.  I can't guarantee it'll be a favorable review, but it'll be honest.

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