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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Have a Rant - We're Programmed

When did we lose control?

When did we become sheep being led throughout our lives with other people telling us how things are supposed to be?  We're programmed.

I typed "ideal breakfast" into the image search on Google and this is the first image that popped up:

This is what we're told is a "good" breakfast.  Look at it. Really look at it.  Is that the best we can really do for ourselves?   Of course not.  But we've been programmed to think that this is what we need.  I'm not saying it's devoid of nutrition by any means!  Although I'm pretty sure the croissant falls more in the "butter" group than the "whole grain" group  ;)

We're so programmed that some people will adamantly argue the appropriateness of your food choices if they see you deviating from what has become the norm. My husband for example, has a huge problem with just the idea of breakfast for dinner.  It's just not right even if many of us are beginning to truly embrace brinner.  A dear friend of mine began eating salads for breakfast.  They are a compact, nutritionally dense meal that can easily be modified to hit the protein, fat levels, etc that a person might want or need.  Oatmeal for breakfast is great.  It just doesn't hit as many points that are beneficial as something like the salads do.  When my friend mentioned her morning salad diet,  some people commented that they couldn't do it themselves.  Why?  For a minute my brain said "that's weird".  Why are we so afraid to step outside the norm?  Americans on the whole are suffering from obesity and a wide range of ailments that can be diet and fitness controlled.  Obviously the norm is NOT WORKING people.  I yell to remind myself to get the message as well.

Doing the same thing on Google, here is the ideal lunch:

That looks... less than thrilling. Nutritious?  SURE!  But positively boring.  Because good-for-you food is all bland, uninspired, and just something you have to consume.  Eat to live, don't live to eat right? I say WRONG.  I want to enjoy every bite that goes into my mouth.

I challenge you. Yeah, you.  I'll do it too.  I challenge you to make a list of all the food you like that's pretty much totally good for you.  Then next to the food, write why it's a poor food choice for each meal.  A lean grilled steak for lunch?  Yeah, it's pretty hard to make one fresh when you're at work all day.  But if you had steak for dinner last night, there isn't any reason leftovers couldn't become sliced steak in a corn tortilla with a bit of cheese and veggies.  Steak tacos!  Heck, it almost sounds better than the original meal.  I had steamed broccoli for part of my breakfast. I eat constantly throughout the day when I'm home so no formal breakfast.  So far today here's my food:
  •   7:30am  - 2 light Babybel Cheeses
  •   9:00am  - 1 cup of steam broccoli with salt and my healthy "butter" with lots of omegas
  • 10:00am  - 4 or 5 fried egg whites (I used egg beaters whites)
  • 11:15am  - mixed melon pieces (still eating but I suspect 3-4 cups will be eaten)
Just all foods I like.  Sure, I could make it look "normal".  It's all just a deconstructed broccoli and cheese egg white omelet with a side of fruit.  But I didn't want an omelet and I refuse to eat one just because it's what I should do according to the programming i have received.  I like to think for myself.  That's freedom.

So take the challenge.  Make your lists and share them with me.  if you don't eat a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast just because it's weird, tell me so.  I'd like to know.  I'll post my list tomorrow.


  1. Hi Anna,

    Losing weight I admit is not easy. Trying to run and exercise is really a chore for most of us. Particularly after I gained weight, I just put on more and more. Especially when I suffered from a leg injury few years back, the weight gain is terrible.

    I have also to eat healthily and to make sure I don't starve at all.
    The wholemeal bread is a slow burning carbo, so it helps to keep you full.

    Eat less than half the rice here, ok?

    Although for few years, I just accepted my weight gain. I noticed that the more I accept, the more I don't care and the more weight I put on. Then, along came a lot of health problems including pcos, etc.

    Recently, I was introduced to Nu Skin's TRA programme and I think it really helped me a lot, I lost about 3.3kg fats in 5 weeks. There is a 80% success rate and you get to really lose weight in 3 months and to sustain it thereafter. This was the guy who introduced me to TRA and he lost more than 20 kg in 3 months without going through hunger and not much exercise.

    The side effect is he had to change an entire set of wardrobe!

    If you wish to know more, I will be glad to help you!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jenn but at 29kg lost thus far, I think I've got it.

    There is no magic pill or program that can replace simple, clean eating, hard work, vigilance, and the ability to motivate yourself.